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Background Check Instructions

A background investigation is a requirement of the clinical agencies for your program of study. All incoming BSN nursing students must have one completed when begining the program.(Dates for clinical items to be submitted will be found in your Fundamentals Packet.) MSN students must complete one before the start of your first clinical. Failure to complete these requirements will prevent you from completing clinical rotations.

STEP 1: What to do if you need a Background Investigation?

Below are step-by-step instructions for accessing Application Station: Student Edition to authorize and pay for a background investigation.


Note – please store the username and password created for Application Station in a secure location. This information is needed to enter Application Station in the future which includes obtaining a copy of your background investigation report.

If you encounter issues with the Application Station: Student Edition or have questions regarding the site, please contact Truescreen’s Help Desk at 888-276-8518, ext. 2006 or Perfect Oversize Alter Nappa East West Stella Logo Tote Bag in Black Eco Leather Stella McCartney Clearance Fashion Style Clearance Order Cheap Sale Wholesale Price Clearance New LtjK4PCQNU

Background Investigations are completed, on average, within 3 to 5 business days. Once completed, you will receive an email from Truescreen, Cheap Sale Big Sale Low Price Fee Shipping Annie Tassel Tote Colette by Colette Hayman Best Wholesale For Sale ri6vYIQ
. Follow the link in the email to access Application Station: Student Edition to view the report. To access the site use the same username and password created at the time you submitted your background check. Application Station includes instructions for disputing information included in the background check should you feel anything is incorrect.

The initial background investigation consists of the search components listed below. All records are searched by primary name and all AKAs, a student’s primary address, and all addresses lived within the past seven years.

The cost of the Background Investigation is $22.50. Truescreen accepts credit cards and PayPal. Payment is collected within ApplicationStation: Student Edition.

If the student receives a “REVIEW” (red X) or “FAIL” (solid red square) on either the background investigation or drug screen, the Dean of Nursing will communicate this information to the Clinical Education Director at the respective clinical facility. The Clinical Education Director will then determine if the student can enter clinical rotations. The student is to schedule an appointment with the Clinical Education Director at the appropriate facility. During the scheduled appointment, the student applicant will provide the original background check documentation to the Director of Clinical Education for verification and review. The Director of Clinical Education will review the conviction record and determine “clearing/not clearing” of the student applicant based on approved criteria.

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The Villages
Saturday, July 7, 2018
Villages-News: News, events, classifieds in The Villages, FL
Crime 80-year-old Villager arrested after family fracas in the Village of Bonnybrook

An 80-year-old Villager was arrested after a family fracas in the Village of Bonnybrook.

Roy Smits, who lives at 796 Castleberry Circle, turned himself in Thursday afternoon at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annex following an altercation June 23 at his residence. A man and his fiance had arrived on the morning of June 23 to take a woman to the airport.

Smits approached the man and said, I want to talk to you.” Smits pushed the man’s shoulder, according to the arrest report.

The man walked outside, with Smits following him saying, he “does not belongin this family.” Smits then shoved the man twice in the chest. Two people witnessed the altercation.

Smits initially avoided arrest, as he was not home when deputies arrived on the scene.

He was arrested on a charge of battery and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center. He was released after posting $500 bond.

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Villages Twirlers make patriotism top priority as they dazzle crowds in all three town squares |
I saw that shindig. Got some babes in that bunch!!!
Villager arrested after spotted in SUV in parking lot at Leesburg motel |
Makes you feel great knowing a crack head is driving around where you live.
Veterans rebate on purchase of a brandnew car |
J.F. The rebates are real. I just had to provide my DD214 and the $1000 was a minus on the bottom line. My only suggestion, some dealers are providing a smaller trade in value on your old car. Get that estimate, before negotiating the out the door pricing.
Village of Calumet Grove residents fed up with waiting for sinkhole repairs |
LiZa Adkison777
it would be great, if an OUTSIDE engineering firm, who would be totally objective, and NOT paid for by the Developer, would look at this situation and determine what is causing this... as a layman, I certainly have no expert advice... but you know me, I have an opinion... and in my humble opinion, ALL of these so-called sinkholes are next to, related to, on top of, drainage pipes/sewer pipes the Developer put in... erosion is a POWERFUL source that can cause major damage, that they are passing off as, sinkholes... I just don't buy it... just like I don't buy building a home in 65 days... there is NO way ground prep and everything else can be done in 65 days... but we all bought the farm, and we like the farm and we are enjoying the farm... I sure wish Gary was still alive... I don't believe he would be passing this garbage off to the homeowners and their insurance companies
Experts agree that sinkhole-damaged home on McLawren Terrace must be torn down |
I feel bad for her too. The insurance company will only pay out up to what the house's value is which won't be enough to tear it down and then rebuild it. Besides, who would every want to live on this lot again anyway? Not me!! I wish the Developer would step in and help her at least get rid of the house so she can move on to another home somewhere else. I know it's probably not the Developer's problem anymore, but geez, wouldn't that be real Boy Scout of them to step up and help out? They could surely write it off their taxes.
Another Mexican restaurant in The Villages? |
Typical republiCANT response!
Villager up in Maine for summer reports next-door-neighbor stealing water from her home |
Poor lady can't even bet bucket of water from her neighbors. Just love that home town feeling. You would think the neighbor reporting wood do the neighborly think and offer to help?
Villager arrested in theft of golf clubs from Golf Academy at Palmer Country Club |
There is plenty going on and probably even more in the entire Villages. Don't single out the historic side as there are some very nice people living there, and furthermore it is a lot prettier than this side, and I do live on this side and not the historic side.
Pancake breakfast to raise money for smart home for disabled Army veteran |
Well, she is. Has only VERY limited use of her left hand. Before you shoot your mouth off you ought learn the facts.
93-year-old memory care patient attacks roommate at local care facility |
This 93 year old is displaying signs of Alzheimer's
We are all children of immigrants |
Steve Bressi
Daniel - agree we are all from immigrants. Legal Immigrants. That is the difference that many on the left and the Democratic party fails to recognize. After some questioned the accuracy of my statement that Obama also seperated families, I did some added research. The Obama Administration did seperate families - but not to the same degree. The 1997 Flores Settlement stemming from a suit brought by a pro-immigrant group actually is the cause of the seperations when the courts ruled that the Children could not be held in custody with their parents for more than 20 days. Now Trump - the no tolerance policy greatly increased the numbers - signed an executive order last week stopping the practice of seperation. He also went back to the judge on the Flores settlement to tweak his ruling so that families can be kept together. The Government is now working to re-unite children with their parents. The protests of last Saturday were meaningless and not supported by the actual sequence of events. It was just the Democratic party trying to make political hay out of the suffering of these children, rather than work with Republicans to solve the problem of illegal immigration. The hardships are the effect of illegal immigration. The Democrats and other liberals who resist and fight efforts by the Trump Administration to combat illegal immigration are contributing to the problem and resultant hardships.
Fight breaks out at mobile home park after woman hurls racial slurs at party-goers |
Word to the wise, don't attempt racial slurs when you are too drunk to stand up. From the looks of her they ought to let her go, it looks like she's had her punishment.
ICE and other WASTEFUL law enforcement programs |
Liza, don't try and use logic on the illogical. Those that know how to think and reason are already on your side. While those that don't will not be swayed. Now if you could get George Soros or mad Maxine to agree with you, then the useful idiots would all fall in line.
Take them back to the border and have them go home |
Linda Hallinan
Millions of undocumented immigrants play vital roles in the US economy, erecting buildings, picking fruit, and taking care of American babies. They are not eligible for federal programs and they pay taxes. We take care of our homeless and poor with food pantries, shelters, mental health and drug programs, etc.The nativist turn in American politics has not been driven by the public's concern about border security, but by the anxieties about rapid demographic change which was brought on by Trumpism and its xenophobia and bigotry. The US has always been the leader in humanitarianism, fairness and equality. Hopefully, we will get back to those values after Trump is out of office.
by Taboola by Taboola
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Through funding provided by the Discount For Nice Popular Cheap Online Sculpture leather tote Offwhite Original For Sale Free Shipping Factory Outlet lwfUehgrZp
, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation , The Tote Bag Greenery tote by VIDA VIDA Discount Extremely rfckoDm
Foundation, and the generous contributions of many individual donors, the Publications Committee of the American Musicological Society makes available funds to help with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, essay collections, articles, chapters in essay collections, special issues of journals, and works in non-print media.

Subventions are granted for any topics of musicological research. The endowment supporting general musicological research was established through the generous bequests of Manfred Bukofzer, Lloyd Hibberd, Otto Kinkeldey, Dragan Plamenac, and Gustave Reese.

Subventions are granted for any topics of musicological research.

Four additional publication endowments support all areas of research:

Additional publication endowments dedicated to specific topics of research have been established hrough gifts and bequests:


Hundreds of books have received AMS Publication Subventions

Application Process: Publishers

Publisher subventions are intended to reduce the retail price of the book or resource and make it more accessible to readers.

An application consists of:

Application Process:

Individuals or Scholarly Organizations, Societies, and Departments

Individual authors or editors, or their sponsoring organization, society, or department, may apply for assistance to defray costs not normally covered by publishers. Examples include costs related to illustrations, musical examples, facsimiles, accompanying audio or video examples, and permissions. Subventions are not given to defray costs associated with indexing. Author subventions required by publishers are not eligible for reimbursement.

Proposals from scholars at all stages of their careers are welcome. Projects that make use of newer technologies are also encouraged.

Applications for any amount up to $2,500 will receive consideration. No individual can receive a subvention more than once in a three-year period.

An application consists of:

Recipients of subventions are requested to forward a copy of the final product (book, article, resource) upon publication.

Submit materials to Contact the AMS for transmission instructions if files are larger than 20 mb.

Submit materials to
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/ Financial Support for Cerebral Palsy / Frequently Asked Cerebral Palsy Legal Questions

When your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy , your head is spinning. You want to place blame on yourself for not taking care of your baby better, and you have a ton of questions about cerebral palsy, about the law process, and about what to expect for the future. If you have questions regarding cerebral palsy, take a look at the following information.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

While you may want to place blame on yourself for not having taken better care of yourself and your baby, it’s important to recognize that you didn’t cause cerebral palsy. cerebral palsy is a birth injury that happens in the brain –effectively, a brain injury. This form of brain injury happens right before or right after delivery, and is usually attributed to two different causes: one cause is that the brain is compressed for too long in the birth canal, and the other cause is that the child had oxygen deprivation at delivery (usually from a kinked or prolapsed umbilical cord). cerebral palsy is a disability, not a disease, because the effects of cerebral palsy on the child are responses to the injury, not a biological response to a disease. While doctors don’t know all of the causes of cerebral palsy yet, doctors do know that it’s not the mother’s fault, and about 10% of the time, it’s due to medical malpractice.

Could Cerebral Palsy Have Been Prevented?

It is very likely that cerebral palsy is a preventable disability. Often children born with cerebral palsy would have otherwise been born as normal, healthy children because cerebral palsy is an injury and no child is genetically predisposed to get cerebral palsy. To that end, cerebral palsy could have been prevented. Sometimes it is a matter of what measures the medical staff took, and sometimes it’s other conditions or complications with pregnancy that should have been diagnosed and treated before delivery.

How Do I Know My Doctor is Responsible for My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

Only an expert can decide if your doctor is responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy, and one form of an expert could be a cerebral palsy lawyer who has seen several different forms of cerebral palsy, and several cases all related to medical malpractice. One way of knowing if you’re the victim of medical malpractice, however, is if you have an expert witness, someone who saw something abnormal happen, or a qualified physician that can critique your doctor’s work and report whether he or she upheld the standards of accepted medical care.

How Long Should a Cerebral Palsy Case Take?

cerebral palsy cases are long episodes that involve gathering paperwork, gathering testimonies from experts and specialists, and various other waiting periods and requirements depending on what your state requires for such cases. Generally these cases take 18 months to two years to go to court from the filing date. Sometimes cases can go by faster if the defendant is willing to settle, preventing the process of going to court.

What Will the Settlement Be Like?

Your settlement should be established based on the lifetime needs of your child and how much those needs cost. This is established in a document called the Life Care Plan, a document that is compiled from a group of experts that take all of your child’s needs into consideration and create an estimated list of the kinds of therapies, medications, treatments, and aids your child is expected to need at various stages of his or her life. Your court settlement, then, aspires to not only meet that bottom line figure, but to get a little more in an effort to match cost inflation over the years, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Cerebral Palsy

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